This project aims to solve a few problems currently faced by both editor developers and implementers who want to introduce content editing into their systems.

Although the project was created by the CKEditor team and is intended to help in CKEditor 5 development, it is being written in an editor-neutral way and other projects can certainly benefit from it, too.

Problem 1: What Features to Have?

A common problem for all developers wishing to provide editing capabilities inside their systems is deciding which features to include with their editor of choice. This is many times driven by the one or more of the following:

As a way to mitigate this problem, a set of well-thought “defaults” could be designed, leaving less room for bad decisions.

Problem 2: How Features Should Behave?

Editor developers, on the other hand, have to deal with a variety of possibilities when it comes to defining how features should work. This goes from UI/UX requirements to final markup produced. There are many options for each case and many times the solutions proposed are not optimal.

Our goal is to go into the feature details and to define a solid, commonly accepted behavior for them.


The most important reason to bring this project to the public is to expand the discussion to include anyone interested in content editing. If you are on the same boat, join us now!

The project is extensively discussed in the official Editor Recommendations repository on GitHub. Everyone is welcome to open and comment on issues there.

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