The Bold feature marks a part of the text with strong importance.


  • UI: ON/OFF feature, usually represented as a switch button with the “Bold” icon
  • Title: “Important” or “Strong Importance”
  • Keystroke: Ctrl+B

HTML Markup

The <strong> element MUST be used to represent the Bold feature as it is intended to mark parts of content with extra importance[1].


This page is about the <strong>Bold</strong> feature.

Implementation Concerns

  • The UI and keystroke are optimized for English language, therefore it MAY be considered to adjust them to the native language of the editor users, e.g. change the keystroke to Ctrl+Shift+F for the German version of UI[2, 3].


Although this feature should be called “Important” or “Strong Importance”, for historical reasons users are used to the “Bold” name. Therefore, for consistency and due to better recognition, this feature SHOULD generally be referred to as Bold.


  1. The <strong> element definition in the HTML5 standard.
  2. A discussion about keystrokes in the German version of Word.
  3. An issue about incorrect keystrokes for German and French versions of an editor.